Lauren Jay Bower

Lauren studied at Leeds Arts University achieving a first-class BA(Hons) degree in surface pattern design. Studying at LAU was the starting point for her research into the use digital technologies in conjunction with hand crafted techniques to push the boundaries and conventions of surface pattern. Allowing the maker to still achieve a tactile connection with their material in the presence of the post digital era.

A key driver for her work is her concerns over technology’s role in society and our increasing behaviour to spend more time on our devices and less time reflecting and relaxing. Her designs therefore incorporate the sense of touch to offer a grounding and escape from the pressures of modern-day life, offering a stimulating surface that invites touch, participation and mindfulness.

There is an obvious juxtaposition within the collections through the use of digital fabrication within its production which Lauren finds extremely interesting, showing the positives and negatives of technology, presented in a texture.

Lauren is currently in the process of setting up her own studio which is based in South Yorkshire.

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