About LJB Studio



The machine used as a tool within art and design has historically been a controversial subject for the creative community, yet such intricately beautiful objects can be produced through the aid of digital technology.


As a designer my work aims to prove that digital craftmanship can produce considered design solutions without sacrificing the tactile connection a maker has with their material.


My practise is principally process driven and involves investigating the tangible opportunities available when oscillating between analogue and digital mediums to create three-dimensional surface fabrications.


These fabrications are designed to be used within a wide range of surface covering contexts, offering depth, shadow and intrigue to a once flat surface, from domestic interiors to architectural applications.


My approach utilises the best of both worlds by taking advantage of the complexity digitally instructed machinery is able to create and combining this with the professional finish through traditional hand-crafted methods.


The foundation of my methodology is a passion for the innovation of form and the use of sumptuous substrates brought into the twenty first century with the injection of a fresh, harmonious colour palette.